All Marketing is the same….

It’s getting people who have your ideal customers to tell their customers about you.


respond by with ,,, “What’s your best email.” ┬áno matter what they say other than
no, ask “What’s your best email.


Hey, blank (Person’s Name)! I’m starting a weekly newsletter where I send out [gardnening] and [lawn cart tips], Thought you might dig it. Want in?

sign invite to people on tweeter, one by one, do people on the phone,

Do this, to create your list. get your first 100 people. – strategy


The Poster Boy “formula”

*make a list of 5 products you’ve purchased, 5 blogs you read and 5 podcast you listen to.

* Tell the owner of each one one big win you’ve experience from their teaching

*Ask for nothing in return

***** Do this today*****


Tell 3 people how they helped you – Trick #4



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