Facebook Groups

1, Facebook Groups- you can drive traffic to them to build huge communities very quickly.

The Strategy behind the Group
You can build a community of loyal followers, like a cult.

Insider trading- target the right people to join your group, you know what their needs are when they join the group.
Connect with every member individually and build that quality relationship- you can also have an assistant do this for you. – out sources it.

When a member joins you can deliver a message to them. One thing is to tag new members of the group. Another thing to do is to message or tag them before allowing them to join and say something like how did you find us? Something to let them know you are real and this is a real group.

Every member must ask to be invited.

You can also post exclusive comments/content that only they will see and not everyone on Facebook.

People love feeling like they are a part of something special. Remember the book “Influence” think of a way for them to take ownership to want to do something you want them to do.

How to find groups – “keyword” groups, join some of them and see how they operate.

Show how to setup your own group, –

Create a group your customers would want to join. Like “10 ways to get better ads”, sample.

People join groups for 3 reasons.
Spammers- you can ban them
They want to network with others like them
They want what the “owner” is selling.

Next after this, run a Facebook ad to the post.
*use the link from the group to post your ad..



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