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confident is keyHello Everyone,

I started the first newsletter with this title because, many times people will complain about one thing and on the other end say they want something else.

You can’t have it both ways.

I was listening to a training video just the other day.

The person talked about Ralph Nader (one of the richest guys in the world) and Bill Gates, another rich guy.

They were both younger when this happen. They had a lunch engagement that was arranged by a neutral friend.  He said these guys didn’t like each other.  And this is one of the things that took place.

They were asked, what was one of the most important thing they could share about their success. They both said, “Focus on one single thing at a time.”  at the same time.  That’s it.

So, if you’re thinking of making extra money whether it’s online or offline,  you will need to focus and to tell the truth, most people are not willing to do it.  Are you?  Focus on one single thing at a time.

See in order to increase your wealth you will have to change some things about you.  Your worth is directly related to you being unique and your knowledge.  Improve your Knowledge.

Let me prove it.

The worker’s at fast food restaurant want X amount per hour right?  How many people can do the same job?  What type of skills or knowledge does it take to do their job?  Are they easy to replace?

Ask yourself the question?  What are the answers?

My point is this.  Whatever it is you want in life from this day moving forward.  Are you willing to work smarter to get it. And are you looking for a guarantee?  Too many times we want to exchange our time for money.  So, how much more time do you have?

You Must Be Willing To Put In The “Work”

Are you willing to put in the work first to get paid unlimited returns later?

I ask you to think about it just for one minute differently,  just for one minute.

Why don’t you choose to learn a skill (in this case marketing online) you can use to pay you where the sky’s the limit on your worth.  It doesn’t matter what your skill is.  Can you find 1 hours to work on “You”, or maybe 30 minutes for at least 5 days a week?

Malcolm X said in his autobiography, the best education you will ever receive is the one you decide to get for yourself. The one you give you.  How did he do it?   He read.   So, let this be just the beginning of your journey. READ,READ,READ.

We will cover some ideals in marketing that you will be able to use both online or off-line.  But nothing will work for you if you don’t put action behind it and have the right mindset. Sorry to tell you, it’s not as easy as press a button and wham, you have targeted traffic or made money.  You must be unique and become a leader in your field.

Good news, is that’s not really hard to do if you follow some simple steps.

Well, let’s get started on lesson 1.  Mindset

So, I like to share something today that’s important.

The 30/30/30 Plan.

  1.  Read something positive 30 minutes everyday,  it can be in intervals just do it.
  2.  Listen to a positive audio or watching a video for 30 minutes a day.  The same rules apply for the intervals.
  3. Do it for 30 days straight.  If you forget a day, don’t sweat it, start over and do it.


The reason for doing the 30/30/30 is this is going to change your mindset,  after all, “We are what we thing we are.”

You put positive out in the universe, positive will come back.

It’s a law of nature.

So, the 2 tips for today will be.

  1.  Focus
  2. 30/30/30 Plan

That’s enough for now, mindset is important and that’s why I want to share it.

See ya in a few days,

Greg Gibson

P.S. Don’t be afraid to dream,  think about what you want not want you don’t want.
P.S.S. Important hint for the day.  “Dis-associate yourself from your problems and you will find answers.”



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